JTB Wheelchair Tennis Global Challenge Recap Video

The 2nd JTB Wheelchair Tennis Global Challenge was held at San Diego State University in San Diego, California on January 5th and 6th, 2019. The event was hosted by Los Angeles based non-profit, B-Adaptive Foundation and brought together 12 wheelchair tennis athletes from Japan, Canada and the United States for a competitive yet friendly international competition.

The Japanese athletes arrived on January 2nd and were in San Diego for only five days, but maximized their short stay with sightseeing activities, matches and practice.


To foster the growth and participation in sports for those who are disabled by providing opportunities and funding to these athletes to study, compete and train in the U.S.


Financial Support

Provide practical and financial support to young athletes with physical challenges to participate in training camps and competitions.

Study Abroad

Support challenged athletes financially to study abroad to advance athletic and academic careers.

Locate Sponsors

hogehoge Locate corporate and individual sponsors willing to support B-Adaptive Foundation.

Travel to Japan

Support challenged athletes in the US to participate in training camps and competitions in Japan to increase the international interaction among the athletes.

Host Events

Plan and organize the events where people can be exposed to and learn the environment surrounding people/athletes with disabilities.



Many young athletes want to study abroad to advance their athletic carriers nowadays, but lack the means to do so. Also, many young athletes get the opportunity to join training camps or competitions in foreign countries in various sports. However, it is hardly seen that young athletes with disabilities get the same type of opportunities. In fact, many people with disabilities do not even have access to sports or recreation activities in their daily lives.