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“Shouldn’t there be young disabled athletes from the US, Japan and all other countries who study in the U.S aiming for future Paralympics bids?”

our mission

To foster the growth and participation in sports for those who are disabled by providing opportunities and funding to these athletes to study, compete and train in the U.S.

what we do

Financial Support

Provide practical and financial support to young athletes with physical challenges to participate in training camps and competitions.

Study Abroad

Support challenged athletes financially to study abroad to advance athletic and academic careers.

Locate Sponsors

Locate corporate and individual sponsors willing to support B-Adaptive Foundation.

Travel to Japan

Support challenged athletes in the US to participate in training camps and competitions in Japan to increase the international interaction among the athletes.

Host Events

Plan and organize the events where people can be exposed to and learn the environment surrounding people/athletes with disabilities.

b-adaptive foundation

Many young athletes want to study abroad to advance their athletic carriers nowadays, but lack the means to do so.  Also, many young athletes get the opportunity to join training camps or competitions in foreign countries in various sports. However, it is hardly seen that young athletes with disabilities get the same type of opportunities. In fact, many people with disabilities do not even have access to sports or recreation activities in their daily lives.

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Lives of Challenged Athletes

70% of Japanese wheelchair users are…

One of the Japan national team coaches for the Rio Paralympic games said “70% of Japanese wheelchair users are shut-ins who avoid social contact “.

This is alarming, but in fact, a research shows it is not an exaggeration.  According to a study by the Ministry of Education in 2014, the percentage of wheelchair users who engaged in any sports activity in the past year was 30%. Only 40 % of wheelchair users went out for leisure purpose such as watching movie or karaoke in the same period.

Approximately 7.4 million people are considered to have disabilities in Japan including physical and mental disabilities and mental disorders.  Around 400,000 are 18 years old or younger.  While the attentions are on the Paralympic games and athletes, we should take this opportunity to address these important facts underlying in the Japanese society.

After Tokyo Paralympic games in 2020

The government and private enterprises are making the biggest contribution ever towards the upcoming Tokyo Paralympics in 2020. On the contrary, it is highly likely that that the support is going to diminish after 2020.  Many children and teenagers who are just starting their athletic carriers will not be ready for the 2020 games.   The actions must be taken now so that the young ones can receive the continuous support after 2020 and beyond.

Lives of challenged athletes

Because of the upcoming Paralympic games in Tokyo and support by the government and private enterprises, the number of people with disabilities who commit to competitive sports has dramatically increased.

On the other hand, many of the challenged athletes are not likely to make living just by playing sports.  Plus, they have long lives ahead after their playing careers are over.  Therefore, the support needs to be provided to enhance their dual careers and second careers.

Who We Are

Meet Our Board of Directors

Toshi Hoshino
Co-Founder and Director

As the co-founder and director of B-Adaptive Foundation, Toshi Hoshino brings his expertise to support challenged athletes and their activities overseas.  Prior to founding B-Adaptive Agency in 2017 and B-Global Agency, Inc. in 2016, Hoshino served as the Vice President of a baseball agency where he, as the certified agent of the MLB Players Association, represented and assisted professional baseball players cross the Pacific Ocean to pursue new professional careers. Hoshino holds an M.B.A specializing in sports marketing from the University of Oregon and an undergraduate degree from Waseda University where he played varsity ice hockey.  Hoshino was born and raised in Karuizawa, Nagano prefecture, Japan.

Kaz Yamanouchi
Co-Founder and Director

Yamanouchi is co-founder and a director at B-Adaptive Foundation. He worked at one of the top Japanese insurance companies in Japan before coming to the U.S. While he was in graduate school in NY, he worked at Madison Square Garden. In 2014 after graduating from Fordham University School of Law, he joined a sports agency in LA where he co-represented pro-athletes and negotiated corporate sponsorship deals. Yamanouchi currently serves as vice president at B-Global Agency, Inc. and specializes in sports marketing and corporate sponsorship sales.

Yamanouchi holds a B.A. in general law from Waseda University, a M.S. in Sports business from New York University and a LL.M from Fordham University School of Law. He is from Tokyo, Japan.

Taka SaKai
Board Member

Taka Sakai is an owner/founder of California based Zefiro Corporation that specializes in advanced piling/foundation projects in heavy civil engineering industry in US.

Taka has engaged in 70 plus public/commercial projects in various states for 13 years.

In 2016, Zefiro received an award of excellence in accident prevention from Southern California Contractors Association.

 Prior to establishing Zefiro corporation, Taka had begun a professional carrier with Giken LTD where his primary role was to develop new markets and launch local branches.  He was also associated with mega public projects in Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong and Los Angeles between 1993 and 2007.

Taka Sakai graduated from Meikai University with a bachelor’s degree in Economics in Tokyo. He was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan.

How we fund

B-Adaptive Foundation is a non-profit organization that has 501(C)(3) exemption status from the IRS thus all contributions are tax deductible.  (The status is currently pending and we will update once it is received)

Corporate Sponsors For Individual Events

Wheelchair Tennis Camp (July), Speaker Series by Hall of Fame former Paralympian (September) and much more to come.

Corporate Annual Sponsors

Various opportunities, including the above-mentioned events, will be customized and prepared to accommodate sponsors’ needs.

Individual Sponsors

Individual sponsors are welcomed through charity events such as fundraising parties.

Our Sponsors


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October 11, 2017
New event announcement: "Wheelchair Tennis Global Challenge" in January 2018
B-Adaptive Foundation (BAF) will co-host “Wheelchair Tennis Global Challenge” with Japan Wheelchair Sports Association.
January 16, 2018
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B-Adaptive Foundation

“Shouldn’t there be young disabled athletes from the US, Japan and all other countries who study in the U.S aiming for future Paralympics bids?”