New event announcement: "Wheelchair Tennis Global Challenge" in January 2018

B-Adaptive Foundation (BAF) will co-host “Wheelchair Tennis Global Challenge” with Japan Wheelchair Sports Association.


This will be BAF’s second event following “JTB Wheelchair Tennis Summer Challenge” held in July, 2017.  This time, BAF will invite 4 junior wheelchair tennis players selected by Japan Wheelchair Sports Association from Japan, and a few others from Canada and the United States to Los Angeles, CA and have them play the international exhibition matches.


This will be an international exchange event featuring players from three countries held in Los Angeles, the host city of 2028 Paralympic games, and all participating players are teenagers and hopeful to be playing at the 2028 games.


The invited players will soon start competing internationally, and BAF hopes that they will benefit by being exposed to their future rivals at the global stage. BAF will also prepare various opportunities especially for the players from Japan to gain experiences to acknowledge that their potential is unlimited.


Lastly, there will be an opportunity for the local community to interact with the players to experience and learn the people with disabilities and adaptive sports.


“Wheelchair Tennis Global Challenge” is comprised of the followings.  More details will be announced as determined. 


1.     Qualification event in Japan

Date: Saturday, October 21st, 2017

Venue: Club Magi-no, Ryugasaki-city, Ibaraki, Japan

·      Qualification event organized by Japan Wheelchair Sports Association to select players

·      Players are selected based on various factors on and off the tennis court.


2.     “Wheelchair tennis global challenge” featuring the international exhibition matches by junior wheelchair tennis players from the U.S., Canada, and Japan.

Date: From January 2nd to January 8th, 2018 (tentative)

Location: Los Angeles, CA

·      International wheelchair tennis matches played by junior players from Canada, Japan and the United States. Games are scheduled on January 6th and 7th. 

·      The interaction with players in the same generation from other countries gives each participant more benefits. BAF would also like players to learn the different environments surrounding people with disabilities by each country.

·      For players from Japan, BAF hopes that players are exposed to the infrastructures and social environment where people with disabilities can enjoy the wide variety of activities.

·      BAF would also like to create the opportunity for local community to interact with the players so that they can learn and the environmental difference between Japan and the U.S.

最新イベント情報:「車いすテニスグローバルチャレンジ (仮称)」の開催

B-Adaptive Foundation (BAF)は、「車いすテニスグローバルチャレンジ(仮称)」を、一般社団法人日本車いすスポーツ協会と共に開催します。


BAFでは2017年7月に「JTB車いすテニスサマーチャレンジ」を開催しましたが、 第2回目のイベントとなる今回は、日本車いすスポーツ協会選考の車いすテニス選手4名を日本から、そして、アメリカ、カナダの選手たち数名を米国カリフォルニア州ロサンゼルスに招待し、エキシビジョンマッチ等を行います。






また、期間中は選手たちが地元コミュニティーと接し、障害者スポーツを体験し、知ってもらう 機会も設ける予定です。




①   日本国内で選考会を開催



·      一般社団法人日本車いすスポーツ協会の主催により選考会を実施


②   日本、カナダ、アメリカの3カ国の選手による車いすテニスの国際大会イベント



·      日本、アメリカ、カナダのジュニア選手を招待し、国際親善試合を実施。試合は1月6日(土)、7日(日)を予定。

·      海外の同年代のライバルたちとの交流を通じ、モチベーションの向上や日本と北米の障害者環境の違いなどを体験してもらう。

·      障害者スポーツ先進国アメリカの競技環境や障害者を取り巻く生活環境、さらには障害者が楽しむ事が出来る娯楽の幅などを実際に体験してもらう。

·      現地の日本人コミュニティーとの交流を作り、障害者の生活環境の日米の違いや、障害者スポーツに対する認知の向上を図る。

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