“Shouldn’t there be young disabled athletes from the US, Japan and all other countries who study in the U.S aiming for future Paralympics bids?”

The idea of B-Adaptive Foundation all began here.

Many young athletes want to study abroad to advance their athletic carriers nowadays, but lack the means to do so. Also, many young athletes get the opportunity to join training camps or competitions in foreign countries in various sports. However, it is hardly seen that young athletes with disabilities get the same type of opportunities. In fact, many people with disabilities do not even have access to sports or recreation activities in their daily lives in the US and Japan.

The Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic games will be held in 2020, and the Paralympic sports and athletes are getting the public attention more than ever. It is imperative to start supporting younger generations who have their future after 2020. It is our desire that the disabled athletes get the support they need to participate in their desired Paralympic Sport both domestically and abroad so they may obtain international perspectives and attain their big dreams, and eventually they become top athletes or global leaders in the future.

There are many corporations, local communities, and professional athletes. One of our missions is to connect young challenged athletes with those groups to provide them with opportunities to participate in sports in the U.S., feel different cultures, and gain experiences to enhance their future careers.

“Adaptive Sports” are sports for people with disabilities where rules and equipment are modified so that people can compete or enjoy the sports regardless of the disabilities. B-Adaptive Foundation (“BAF”) will listen to handicapped athletes’ needs and try to offer them opportunities to achieve their dreams. It is not the people with disabilities that need to be adaptive, but it is ourselves.

BAF’s primary mission leading up to the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games is to assist US and Japanese Paralympic athletes in hopes of inspiring the next generation.